Golden State Fur Con

Introducing our Guests of Honor for Golden State 2024!

Delicious Disguises

Meet Kaluna and Strypes, the crafty duo behind Delicious Disguises. Since 2013, they’ve been rocking the fursuit scene, infusing a decade’s worth of experience and a lifetime of creativity into every piece. From seals to dinosaurs to avalis, they love making unique and odd species and custom carve each head for a one-of-a-kind look. After leaving their home in the Santa Cruz Mountains due to fires, they built their own solar-powered fursuit studio in Riverside, California, from the ground up – literally, walls, roof, and all! Kaluna, with a heart for animal rescue and a keen interest in wildlife and art, infuses a love for the natural world into her creations. She is responsible for the art, carving, 3D modeling, pattern design, mouth, and paw details of each suit. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember and has dozens of characters of her own. When she’s not drawing or crafting, she is usually in the pool with her dog, snuggling her cats, or playing Neopets. Strypes the tiger, a jack of all trades, also brings a wealth of skills as a mechanic, seamster, carpenter, and electrician to the partnership, adding layers of craftsmanship to their repertoire. He is responsible for the intricately sewn markings, 3D printing, resin casting, LEDs, and engineering behind the functionality of their fursuits. Some of his hobbies include pinball, video games, snowboarding, hockey, and spinning poi. But that’s not all – every October, they’re the masterminds behind a wicked haunted house, handling everything from sets to scares. For seven years now, they have shared their passion for Halloween with their local community, creating a free haunted house that all ages can enjoy. As fursuiters and monsters, they bring their characters to life with lots of energy and attention to detail.


Hello!!! The name’s Kosmo Perry, it’s good to meet ya! To start my introduction here…I reaaally love to draw! I’ve spent nearly 25 years of my life dedicated to my lifelong passion for art, especially drawing animals the most growing up! I was that kid who alwaaays had their sketchbook and drawings with them wherever they go, just drawin’ away!! I do owe a lot of thanks to my longtime artistic influences such as Don Bluth, Classic Disney, Amblimation, and Neopets. I’m a freelance character designer/character artist, illustrator, and the occasional animator too. I enjoy drawing art of my original characters, favorite characters, fanart of interests such as Neopets, Super Mario, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more! Over the years, I’ve created some various artwork series, mainly ones depicting characters from Seinfeld, Columbo, and Back To The Future as anthropomorphic animals! My most recent series is Neopets: A to Z! While I’ve always had an interest in anthro animals growing up, it wasn’t until my teens when I learned was a whole similar community of people known as…Furry Fandom! I thought, wow, I literally used to depict myself as a cartoon animal in my own art as a kid! (Pretty much thanks to Neopets! As it was one of the the only things I was allowed to use the internet for in the early 2000’s! xD) And so…I officially discovered the fandom in 2012! I’d describe myself as an aficionado of things 70’s/80’s/some 90’s too! My hobbies include arts and crafts, spending time with family and friends, visiting various antique/thrift stores, collecting items and memorabilia of my interests, listening to music (especially 80’s Journey and Steve Perry!), acting, and character performing in fursuit, watching fav shows, movies, and classic animated movies, and oh- not to mention getting my blue pawprinted-paws on some tasty cheeses! Well to wrap things up here, being an artist, art is the way I express myself, but it’s also my way of trying to bring a bit of fun and joy into the world! It means a lot to be able to share my work with others, making friends along the way, and doing my best to make someone’s day a bit brighter! πŸ™‚ Anywayyyy! I think that’s about all I can think of to write here, heh! Well, see ya around! πŸ˜€ 🐾

Arden Wolfsky

Cheers! I’m Arden Wolfsky, a fluffy, red wolf, Wolfsky hybrid who is a Pastry chef by day and serves up custom cocktails by night! I am a classically trained Certified Executive Pastry chef who specializes in chocolates, custom cakes, and unique dessert designs. I started mixing drinks back in culinary school when I took a mixology course and quickly realized I could adapt my pastry skills and life interests into drink designs. Throughout my hospitality career, I have been creating custom drinks and sharing my love and knowledge of the art with others. When I joined the fandom, only a little over two years ago, I immediately became inspired to apply and share my creative passions with our amazing and beautiful community. In turn, the support and love I received encouraged me to embrace and love a part of me that I once feared. The fandom, in a short time, has become my family and home. A place where I feel loved and safe. For that, my goal is to give back to our community and share my passions, knowledge, and aid others in becoming the best fluffs they can be. Some of my hobbies include traveling, exploring new foods and flavors, hiking, reading, playing games (board and video), and of course, expanding my knowledge and love of mixology. Additionally, this year I look forward to adding new content subjects and engaging with our community in new ways. I look forward to hearing your story over a drink! Cheers Awoo!