Golden State Fur Con

Introducing our Guests of Honor for Golden State 2023!


Fursnickity Image

Cameron (aka Slug or Mykie) is a transgender artist from Indiana, currently based in Alabama, and has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Over time he’s developed his art style, experimenting with design and color theory, and eventually picked up digital media in 2015. Since then, he’s been drawing constantly and eventually he created his own species, which are known as Fennecorns. His favorite things to draw are monsters and gore, though he also loves to create cute things as well. He’s the artist who originally designed the GSFC mascots.
Around 2015, he also started experimenting in fursuit making and three years later, Yawn was brought to life. Yawn represents Cameron’s crafting business, Fursnickety, as its mascot and he is brought to every convention he attends. After creating Yawn, he fell in love with performing in suit and often brings the suit to local festivals and charity events to entertain children and make people smile.

HuskyCo Fursuits

HuskyCo is a local fursuit making company based in SoCal. The duo founded HuskyCo in 2020 to persue their passion for bringing characters to life, and are continuing to expand their business with new projects every month. HuskyCo has a small fursuit family that is steadily growing, with new members being added almost monthly.


The members of HuskyCo have been involved in the furry fandom and local community for years. For HuskyCo, the furry community is just an every day part of life – when not working on fursuits, they can be found at furry events and conventions across America, especially in SoCal.