Golden State Fur Con

Dance Competition Application

The Dance Competition is one of the biggest draws during the convention. Come put on your fursuit and be the center of attention as you strut your stuff on our dance floor. Show off those impressive dance moves for a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes.


Open Now
Application Open
March 20th, 2024
Application Close
April 5th, 2024
TBA at Main Stage
Please show up a half hour before auditions to check in.
April 6th, 2024
TBA (2 Hours) at Main Stage
Please show up an hour before showtime to check in.


At-con sign ups MAYBE accepted at the discretion of the Dance comp Manager.

Competitors will be performing their entire routines for three judges. All performers will be scored using the same system, and the best 20 to 25 acts will advance to the finals depending on availability.
We will contact you shortly before the convention with a timeslot for your at-con audition.

Fursuits are required for both auditions and finals.


There are two categories – Solo & Group acts. However, all acts will be judged together. (i.e. There is only 1 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place. Tie breaker rules will be used to determine placement.)


Eligibility Requirements

All entries must have music for their routine, submitted with your entry form. Try to keep your music PG-13, as the competition is an all-ages show.

Music selections should be ready to play for your final performance, in MP3 format, and at least 256kbps. All files must be named: [Your Fursuit Name].mp3 (For example: howlingtail.mp3)

Your prelim must be your stage performance

What you perform in the preliminaries must be what you intend to perform for the actual show! This allows our prelim judges to make the most informed decision in choosing the best acts for the stage.

Performance Duration

  • Solo routines cannot exceed 2:30 minutes
  • All routines must be at least 1:30
  • Routines that exceed 2:30 minutes will need to be edited before submitting.

We encourage custom edits or mixes and recommend you choose themed music that complements your routine.

Fursuiters only

This is a fursuit dance competition after all! You need all of the following to compete: a head, hand paws, and a tail (Partial). If you choose to wear a partial.

Keep it clean!

Furries of all ages will be watching and listening so make sure the lyrics are radio appropriate.

Have fun!

In the end, remember most of all: This is just for fun! If you don’t get in, don’t get discouraged. We’re all dancers here, and the world is our stage; not just this one. Good luck, and see you out there on the dance floor!

Sick/nervous group member? The show can go on.

Groups who qualify for finals may substitute or drop one individual in finals as long as it affects less than half the group. (IE. a 2 person group must find a substitute in case one person cannot perform, but a 3-person group can either drop or substitute a member).


Some of the aspects our judges will be looking for; some judges may consider different aspects more important than others! There will be a new judging system coming in the future!


  • Your musicality: How well does the character of the dance/choreo fit with or emphasize the character of the music?
  • Your flow: How well do you transition from one part of your performance to the next?
  • Your execution: How clean/precise are your moves?


  • Your diversity: Are you mixing up the moves in your performance?
  • Your tempo: Are you dancing at the same speed the entire time, or changing it up occasionally?
  • Your levels: The use of your y axis. Are you changing up your stance while performing your moves? (Standing, jumping, bending, crouching, being on the floor, etc.)


  • Your complexity and finesse: Are you challenging yourself and showing off your skill through your moves?
  • Your traveling: When navigating your space, are you employing any footwork (spinning, gliding, housing, leaping, etc.) or merely walking around?

Stage Presence

  • Your facing: Are you performing to the entire audience and not just front and center?
  • Audience: How well are you captivating the crowd? Are they anticipating your next move with bated breath?


  • All competitors will start with a full score. This score will only drop if you provide an unsportsmanlike experience to staffers or competitors, before or during the competition.


For all questions, please reach out to our [email protected] for a direct response.