Golden State Fur Con

Panel Application

Thank you for being so interested in hosting a panel at our convention. Convention panels typically span a very wide variety of subjects. In the past, panelists have hosted panels on card games, designing your fursona, how to write a book, and running a furry business… the list of topics goes on and on. Panels are a great way for furries (both new to the fandom and old), to meet others with similar interests, and we want to encourage a wide variety of submissions. As an incentive, any approved panel will receive a quick pass for registration, and for 3 hours of approved panels, we will gift you a basic registration for next year.


January 12th, Noon
Panel Application Opens
February 29th, 2024, Midnight
Panel Application Closes
March 20th, 2024
Panel Schedule Announcement


Con programming is highly dependent on the community in order to provide skillfully presented panels.

We are happily accepting applications from panelists and are actively looking for presenters with skills and knowledge. If you wish to run a panel or have an idea for a panel, go ahead and click the button at the bottom of the page and apply to host one. Help us help you entertain our other fellow guests. 


Can 18+ panels be hosted?

Yes, panels with 18+ content are allowed. Typically they will be scheduled after 8pm.If your content is different then 18+ there will be a 21+ event tag added to your event. You will be contacted by the events team with.

I want to do a workshop, but I can't afford to give away supplies.

We are happy to allow workshop-style panels at our conventions. and understand that it might be difficult for the host to supply all the needed equipment and supplies for the panel. We do allow a fee for a limited number of panels each con. If you would like to put on this style of panel, you will need to work with the events team to ensure a proper cost is being charged to the attendee..

If I schedule a panel what equipment or room layouts can be provided.

That’s probably okay. You’ll need to note your special needs when you submit the application.
  • The convention team can provide the following:
    • Tables & Chairs according to room setup requirements or special requests.
    • Projector & Screen with a ‘standard’ HDMI input, and a 3.5mm audio input.
    • Sound System with Microphones (2 at minimum, please request otherwise).
    • Staff to check ID’s when applicable.
  • The convention team will NOT provide the following:
    • Internet Access (hotel Wifi may be available, and/or personal cellular hotspots)
    • Office Supplies (pens, paper, etc.)
    • Laptops, Tablets, or any other Computer Equipment.
  • Room Styles
    • Theater setup – Standard with chairs
    • Classroom setup – long tables with chairs facing the front of the room
    • Round Tables – round tables with chairs
    • Empty – Its empty

What are Meet & Greets?

Our primary goal is to get people together to make new friends. If you have a specific interest and want to meet like-minded new friends, please declare a Meet & Greet. hosts don’t really have to prepare or do anything except to declare the Meet & Greet is happening, and attend.

What panels are happening?

Our Panel announcements will be done by 45-30 days prior to the con, We will announce via social media platforms that the schedule is live.

As a host for a panel what do I need to do?

Panelists are required to be present in their designated room 15-30 minutes before the panel begins.
Panelists will have 15-30 minutes after their allocated panel time slot to cleanup.
Panel cancellations within two weeks before the convention, or those who are absent from their panels will be barred from presenting for at least one year.