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Battle of the Floor Application

Welcome to “AEIOU presents – Battle of the Floor” also known as “Floor wars!” This event is labeled as a PG-13 event and may get a bit spicy at times. After all, applications are submitted, a bracket will be made and presented at the contest. Battle of the floor is a dance contest between dancers. Each round will consist of two dancers battling each other. Music will be random and none of the dancers will know what’s next. After each round, the judges will score each dancer and decide who moves on in the bracket.
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March 20th, 2024
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Each competitor (dancer) will get a set amount of time to dance to a song. The song will be random, and the dancer will not know what the song will be. Then the competitor’s opponent will have the same amount of time to dance to the song. This will repeat for a second song. After the second song, the judges will decide on the winner. This will continue until there is a single winner standing above all other dancers.
For references, please refer to the “Floor War” videos from other conventions like Anthrocon or FWA.


Basic Rules

Depending on the sign-up of participants, there will normally be two divisions… First will be “Non-suit” this is for those who wish to partake but don’t have a fursuit. The second category is “Fursuits”. This is for those who wish to participate in a fursuit.
  • Non-suit – Must have the basics, no shoes no shirt no dancing… No offensive apparel/logos. This is a PG-13 event. No loose or baggy outfits that may hinder or hurt you during your dance.
  • Fursuiters – Must have the basics, Head Tail Paws. No offensive apparel/logos. This is a PG-13 event. No loose or baggy outfits that may hinder or hurt you during your dance.

Advance Rules

  • DO NOT HIT/TOUCH/ETC your competitor! This will result in disqualification. Remember there is a bubble around them and this is all in fun!
  • No props
  • No interrupting other dancers’ sets by taking up floor space or interfering with their turn.
  • We ask all dancers to arrive ready to battle. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the event starts time. If you are not present at roll-call, you will be replaced or disqualified.
  • We only have 16 spots available in the bracket.
At any time the Master of Ceremonies or a Judge can stop the dance for a rule violation. At this time you will be disqualified and asked to step away from the dance floor.
Legal Talk

By signing up for this event you agree you’re solely responsible for any kind of injury that may occur to yourself or your person(s) during the event. This includes but is not limited to physical, mental, emotional and/or other.


If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us. You can use the “Contact us” link above, or email [email protected]