Golden State Fur Con


Panel Rules

  • All panelists must abide by the convention code of conduct at all times.
  • All panelists must abide by the convention COVID-19 policies at all times.
  • Decisions regarding the acceptance or denial of a panel are made by our programming staff. The submission of a panel does NOT guarantee approval of said panel. Acceptance or denial of a panel will be communicated via email.
  • During the panel no food or drink may be passed out.
  • Panelists may not alter the fundamental layout of the room. If a specific layout is required, it must be communicated in the panel submission form.
  • Any panelist wishing to implement an ‘admittance fee’ (or similar) and/or collect money for charity must contact event planning staff before the convention for approval and further details.


Adult Content

Any panel with content that may be identified as ‘adult material’, or may be viewed as inappropriate for minors will be marked as such by either the panelists themselves or the programming staff. Such panels will be indicated by: [18+] or [21+] tags and ID’s will be checked by convention staff at the door.


Panel Room Equipment

  • The convention staff will provide the following:
    • Tables & Chairs according to room setup requirements or special requests.
    • Projector & Screen with a ‘standard’ HDMI input, and a 3.5mm audio input.
    • Sound System with Microphones (2 at minimum, please request otherwise).
    • Staff to check ID’s when applicable.
  • The convention staff will NOT provide the following:
    • Internet Access (hotel Wifi may be available, and/or personal cellular hotspots)
    • Office Supplies (pens, paper, etc.)
    • Laptops, Tablets, or any other Computer Equipment.



  • Panelists are required to be present in their designated room 15-30 minutes before the panel begins.
  • Panelists will have 15-30 minutes after their allocated panel time slot to cleanup.