Golden State Fur Con

GSFC 2020 Party Floor Sign Up

This is a form for Golden State Fur Con 2020 party floor room block!

The party floor will be for those who wish to throw parties late into the night, and don’t mind loud rambunctious neighbors. Noise complaints from this floor will be frowned upon.

All party floor people are expected to card/ID for those who are doing 18+ or 21+. Party floor ends at 2am each night and will not go on beyond that.

For any questions, you can email us at [email protected].

Room Conjoining Information!

All of the party rooms will be in the 3100-3113 rooms and the 3013-2019 rooms. On the sheet as shown, any rooms with a triangle in between them have a connecting door between the rooms. The information is below.

Please note: All these rooms have sliding glass doors that lead into the Malibu Garden. While gathering out in the garden areas is permissible, all local, state, federal laws apply in that area as it is considered a public space. This includes any outside liquor in that space.

Room Layout and Room Numbers

Party Floor/Party Room Rules

  • Any party room must abide the following GSFC rules and regulations found using this link.
  • Quiet Hours are from 2am-10am and are to be strictly enforced.
  • Smoking/Vaping is prohibited in the rooms, and smoking/vaping of any marijuana (or illegal substance) is illegal on hotel property, including the Malibu Garden patio area.
  • No outside alcohol is allowed on the Malibu Garden patio area
  • No outside alcohol is allowed to leave the hotel rooms. Any guests caught with outside alcohol will be asked to dispose of it.
  • We ask that the party does not spill out into the hallways. This is to protect the party from any potential noise complaints. All attendees for the party must be able to fit into the hotel room, and we will ask any lingering attendees in the hallway to move into a room or out of the hallway for the convenience of the other guests in the hotel.
  • Any party serving alcohol is required to check ID (must be a government-issued ID and not expired) at the door. If serving alcohol, every attendee in the party must be 21+. Please note that you as the room owner, are liable for anyone found underage drinking, or anyone over serving of attendees/guests and will face any penalties and actions deemed necessary by the hotel security.
  • Any lighting and speakers/sound equipment must be maintained within the room at all times. No lights and speakers/ sound equipment are permitted in the hallways or on the Malibu Garden patio area.
  • Please note we will be coming around to check the decibel levels of the rooms. Anything over 90 can be asked to be turned down as anything beyond this number can reach the floor above where there is the potential for non GSFC hotel guests to be occupying those rooms.
  • Fog Machines, Hazers, and anything that is dangerous are not allowed in the hotel rooms. This is for the safety of the attendees and to limit fire alarms from going off as the Hilton LAX requires a Fire Marshall to be present during any of these kinds of activities. Should a fire alarm go off, the hotel will be notified of the room which caused it and subsequently will face any fines as deemed by the hotel for said incident.
  • Corgi Events LLC and the Hilton LAX have a zero tolerance policy on the possession, sale, use, or distribution of any illegal substances. Any violators of this rule will be barred from the convention, hotel, and could be subject to potential legal action.
  • Corgi Events LLC and the Hilton LAX does not accept any liability for anything that takes place in the private hotel rooms. This includes but not limited to: damage fees paid by the hotel room owner, responses to complaints within the room or about the room, or any other issues that may arise in these rooms.
  • Corgi Events LLC and the Hilton LAX have any final say on any ruling or direction for these rooms at anytime. Anyone not following these directions will be subject to removal of the convention, hotel, and potential legal action.

SoCal's Premiere Furry Convention

About GSFC

Golden State Fur Con is a new convention in Southern California for the furry enthusiast. GSFC for short, continues in April 2021, located in the Hilton LAX. We are all about community, make an account and join us in helping this convention grow.
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    Corgi Events LLC hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year from anime to MLP to furry conventions, including Denfur & Aquatifur. Corgi Events LLC has donated over $145,000 to various charities throughout the four years of its operation.

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    Amenities include a relaxed bar and grill offering a buffet breakfast, plus a heated outdoor pool, hot tub and free airport shuttle service.
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    Registration is open for all levels, and discounted hotel rates are available on the registration page. Stay tunned for more announcements on the way!