Golden State Fur Con will be hosting their very own Studio 54! A night time event for those who are 18 or older, encouraging the celebration of the adult side of our fandom!

The event will be held Friday from 9:30pm to 2:00am in our Main Events Room. A dance for all ages will be hosted earlier in the evening for those who wish to enjoy an all ages dance. 

This event will feature live music themed to our event, an adult market place, a photobooth with prints, a pup space, and bars with themed drinks!

There will be a coat check available as some fursuit accessories and gear will not be acceptable in general con space. We will have a changing room area as well as a fursuit lounge to use.

We allow the following "suggestive wears" during all hours of our conventions

- pup masks 

- collars, harnesses, and leashes, but persons may not be led around by them in public areas

We allow more "kink" related gear after 8pm at our conventions but must remain PG-13. All outfits must still include a shirt, pants/shorts. and footwear. for example you may wear

-full pup/pony gear

-form fitting latex/rubber/PVC/Neoprene

We will allow the following in Studio 54 only, and will need to remain covered until inside main events

- fursuit genitals

- body paint

- liquid latex

-revealing kink outfits

We will not be permitting the following in Studio 54

- exposure of real genitals

-inappropriate sexual acts

Want to apply to deal during this event? Apply here: 

Want to DJ during this event? Apply here and mention "Studio 54" interest in your application, no censoring required! We are looking specifically more for persons that will mix 70s and 80s into their music.