Golden State Fur Con

It's time to treat yourself, because that's what Valentines Day is about right? Use code "BeMine" and save 10% off your registration! Sale ends on Sunday, at the end of the day, so don't wait!See below on how to enter the code.​Desktop / Mobile 
​Hello, Disco-goers! We have a lot of deadlines on the horizon, the closest being panel submissions! Panel submissions close on Saturday, make sure to submit your panel before then! You can submit your panel here: We also have pre-registration, which is offered at a disco...
Have you been thinking about hosting a meet-and-greet panel? Maybe for your species, or a subculture within the fandom? Well, you only have a few days to submit your panel! You can submit any panels here: Hope to see you all there! 
 Hey attendees! We have room openings available for all days, and there's plenty of rooms for you to book! Hurry and book a room now, before they're all gone! 
Hi there! Panel submissions are closing on Saturday, 2/15/2020! If you'd like to host a panel at Golden State, get your panel submissions in before this deadline! You can submit your panel here: 
Do you have something your itching to teach everyone? i fun conversation that tackles a unique aspect of the fandom? Perhaps you want to host a meet and greet!​  We are currently accepting panels but the deadline is coming up! check out the details!
More Fur Less is a small team stationed in the California high desert. We work together to bring our collective passion for creative arts together to breathe life into fursuits. We have been More Fur Less for the last 8 years, working as a partnership, until late in 2019 when we incorporated to become More Fur Less Inc. Our goal is to nurture a pos...
Fox is a CG artist working at Blizzard Cinematics and previously at Walt Disney Animation Studios where he worked on titles such as Big Hero 6, Moana, and Zootopia during which he learned how to draw and develop his personal style. In the process, he discovered his love for animal characters and now spends his spare time as a hobbyist in character ...
Golden State Fur Con 2020 is now live! Join us for our second year at a new location, the Hilton LAX, April 3rd - 5th 2020. Welcome our first guest and local, Fox! (@pointedfox) Read more about him here: LinkOur theme for 2020 is to Get up & Boogie at Studio 50-fur, a little name play on the famous Studio 54, a 1970's night club. Get ...

SoCal's Premiere Furry Convention

About GSFC

Golden State Fur Con is a new convention in Southern California for the furry enthusiast. GSFC for short, continues in April 2021, located in the Hilton LAX. We are all about community, make an account and join us in helping this convention grow.
  • Corgi Events LLC

    Corgi Events LLC hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year from anime to MLP to furry conventions, including Denfur & Aquatifur. Corgi Events LLC has donated over $145,000 to various charities throughout the four years of its operation.

    5711 w Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
    Amenities include a relaxed bar and grill offering a buffet breakfast, plus a heated outdoor pool, hot tub and free airport shuttle service.
  • You can register now!

    Registration is open for all levels, and discounted hotel rates are available on the registration page. Stay tunned for more announcements on the way!