APRIL 19TH-21ST, 2019 | Hilton Irvine Orange County Airport
Golden State Fur Con

SoCal's Premiere Furry Convention

SoCal's premiere Furry convention

GSFC Charity

The Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center

Healing animals and humans through conservation. The Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center is a not for profit organization (501c3 charity) located in Santa Ysabel, CA. The center is home to the famous Russian domesticated foxes and is focusing on the rescue and conservation of Primitive Dogs (New Guinea Singing Dogs, Carolina Dogs, etc). We partner with canine shelters, rescues, and animal assisted therapy organizations, as well as experts in genetics and canine cognition.

It is the only non-profit center that has the Russian domesticated foxes and allows the people and researchers a chance to meet and interact with these amazing animals. The center focuses currently on three main areas:

1. Evidence Based Animal Assisted Therapy Programs. We will utilize different types of canids to provide programs to individuals with conditions where healing with animals has been shown to improve a disease state or condition. Many of these animals will be rescued from shelters, through our collaborations with these organizations, which will give them an opportunity to help themselves by helping people.

2. Interactive Educational Events with our Ambassador animals. We will have events at the center and off site. This will allow the public to have interactions with some very unique Canids and obtain a better understanding of them.

3. Through understanding comes appreciation and through appreciation comes conservation.

We will strive to offer unique solutions to aid in the conservation and the promotion of the general welfare of all canids. By utilizing the latest research from academia combined with novel approaches found in the business world, we hope to change many of the paradigms that currently do not fully address many of the problems faced by canids.

SoCal's Premiere Furry Convention

About GSFC

Golden State Fur Con is a new convention in Southern California for the furry enthusiast. GSFC for short, starts April 2019, located in the Hilton Irvine Orange County Airport. We are all about community, make an account and join us in helping this convention grow.
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    Corgi Events LLC hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year from anime to MLP to furry conventions, including Denfur & Aquatifur. Corgi Events LLC has donated over $25,000 to various charities throughout the four years of its operation.

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    Amenities include a relaxed bar and grill offering a buffet breakfast, plus a heated outdoor pool, hot tub and free airport shuttle service.
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